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  • Rebecca Macijeski

Third Annual LitCon April 12th and 13th, 2019

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

This year NSU's LitCon expanded to include participants from around the region in a two-day celebration of all things related to literature, art, and intersections in the humanities. The event brought in readers and presenters from seven area institutions, as well as independent authors and artists.

Three undergraduate students--one male and two female--sit behind a table of baked goods they're selling to raise money for a writing club on campus.
NSU Creative Writing students greeting participants on Day One of LitCon.

As a growing regional conference, we’re excited about curating an inclusive celebration of the humanities, fan culture, poetry, literary fiction, genre fiction, graphic novels, script writing, comics, illustration, visual and performing arts and more, with each discipline treated as equally exciting both culturally and academically.  Our hope is that anyone practicing in these or related fields feels welcome participating in this environment.

The two-day event featured offerings like the following: readings by local poets; a performance by the NSU Comedy Improv Team; workshops on creative writing, podcasting, and character creation; information sessions about groups on campus; talks about representation in feminism and diversity in fan fiction communities; panels on creative writing pedagogy and video games as literature.

University President Dr. Chris Maggio stops by to join area middle school students visiting LitCon's book and art fair.


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