"Blackberries," "Because of Wolves, Because More than Anything." Reprinted in Bramble & Thorn Anthology,  

     Porkbelly Press (October 31, 2017): 36-38

“Taking Apart my Childhood Piano.” Poems on Loss Anthology, Little Lantern Press (forthcoming)

“When I Sleep.” Reprinted in Blue Lyra Review Anthology, The Play is the Thing  (forthcoming)

“This.” Embers and Flames, TallGrass Writers Guild, Outrider Press (2015): 80

“Fruit,” “Blackberries.” Reprinted in Joys of the Table: An Anthology of Culinary Verse, Sally Zakariya, editor,          

     Richer Resources Publications (2015): 42-44


JOURNALS (online):  

"Evening Thoughts and January Snow." Cumberland River Review (January 2020)

"Theories of Opening and Closing," "Theories of Imagination." Watershed Review (Fall 2019)

Here You Are.Vitni Review Inaugural Issue 1.1 (September 2019)

"What Doesn't Die," "What People We Could Become," "We Are the Sweet Cold Water and the Jar that Pours,"     

    "Awe.Border Crossing Volume 9 (Fall 2019)

"Spend Less Time with Nightingales and Peacocks. One is Just a Voice, the Other Just a Color." Panoplyzine Issue 

    Twelve (May 3, 2019)

“At the Salzburg Cathedral,” “At the Light,” “Observing the Human World.” The Hallucination Issue of

    Pacific Review: A West Coast Arts Review Annual (forthcoming)

How a Mind is Like an Engine, a Tree.Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine (April 19, 2019)

Death’s Practicum.” Bluestem (March 2019)

“Because the World is a Greedy Thing that Grows and Grows.” The Lindenwood Review Issue 9

    (forthcoming May 2019)

Because I Read Too Much Into Everything.” Rockvale Review Issue Two (May 1, 2018)

Cinema Virgil,” “Virgil Imagines Space,” “Dust.Rappahannock Review Cosmos Issue (July 27, 2018)

Landscape with Salt.” Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine (April 23, 2018)

"The Ballad of Virgil Johnson," "Virgil Stays a While in Boise City, a.k.a. 'No Man's Land.'" The Museum of Americana

     Issue 13 (October 2017)

"Because Someone Said, Make Art About Risking Delight." Razor Literary Magazine Issue #3

"Death's First Lesson," "Death's Mother Shows Her How to Eat Clams." Atlas and Alice Issue 8 (Dec. 12, 2016)

When I Was Six My Mother Set Out Sleeping Bags in a Blue Plastic Pool in the Yard So We Could Watch the Lights  

     in the Sky.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry (September 2016)

Because of Wolves, Because More than Anything,” “Because I Listen so Hard the Sky Bursts Open.” Watershed

     Review (Spring 2016)

Searching,” “Sonata for Water and Birds.” Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing (Spring 2016)

Bubble Making.” Sliver of Stone Magazine Issue 11 (Fall 2015)

June 28th.” Duende (Fall 2015)

Death Takes a Coffee Break.” Blinders Literary Journal Issue 2.1 (Summer 2015): 42

Death After an Early Morning Commute.” Cumberland River Review Issue 4.3 (Summer 2015)

Evening Market.” Cumberland River Review Issue 4.4 (Fall 2015)

Who Would Ever Know.” Pamplemousse (2015)

Boston to Japan.” Lime Hawk Issue 5 (April 2015)

I Read Somewhere This Is True.” Star 82 Review Issue 3.2 (June 2015)

Brain Atlas,” “October Eighth.” Storyscape Journal Issue 14 (May 2015)

Under the Streetlamp.” Kudzu House Quarterly: feral lands, feral selves, Issue 5.2 (2015)

 “In the Library.” Painted Bride Quarterly Volume 8 Issue 92 (2015)

My Letters,” “Gathering.” Tinderbox Poetry Journal Volume 1 Issue 2 (2014)

Requiem,” “This Man.” Fickle Muses ~ an online journal of myth and legend (Feb. 9, 2014)

JOURNALS (print):                 


Barrow Street

Border Crossing 

Clackamas Literary Review 

The Pink Issue of Fairy Tale Review

The Ochre Issue of Fairy Tale Review

Fourteen Hills 


Hartskill Review 

The Journal

Lullwater Review


The Missouri Review 

Mud Season Review 

Naugatuck River Review 

Nimrod International Journal

Northern New England Review 

Painted Bride Quarterly


Phantom Drift

Plainsongs Magazine 

Poet Lore 

Poetry City, USA 

Potomac Review 

Puerto del Sol

Red Earth Review 

Reed Magazine

The Salon

SLAB (Sound & Literary Art Book)

Stillwater Review 

Sugared Water

Sycamore Review

Whiskey Island

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