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  • Rebecca Macijeski

Banned Books Week September 2019

Students at the Banned Books Read-Out outside Kyser Hall on September 24th (photo credit Oona Zbitkovskis*)

Watson Library, the English Department, and students from across campus came together to participate in two read-out events in observance of Banned Books Week. The read-outs began with a reading of the first amendment, and then volunteers read excerpts from banned books in an effort to speak out for freedom of speech and against censorship.

In addition to reading from Leaves of Grass, Naked Lunch, Lolita, The Giver, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fun Home, and other texts, participants were invited to write postcards to living authors of banned books. Thanks to the American Library Association for access to resources that helped make this event possible!

*Thanks to Oona Zbitkovskis for a number of these photos, and to students in her Intro to Lit classes who wrote dozens of postcards.*


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